We have a large selection of used and vintage guitars, amps, banjos, mandolins, ukuleles, and basses in stock. Click here to see some of our current stock. Our luthiers offer competitive prices and quick turnovers for anything ranging from basic set-ups to complete restoration projects.  Our bar opens at 12pm and closes shortly after the music stops at 11pm.  Strings and Accessories can be purchased late-night, but please come in before 6pm if you want to try out the instruments for sale.

For inquiries regarding booking your act, please go to the BOOKING page and fill out our online submission form.


We offer the following services for Guitars, Banjos, Basses, Mandolins, Ukuleles, and other fretted stringed instruments;

  • Basic Restrings to Full Set-Ups & Restorations
  • Lessons (See Lesson Page for Rates & Details)
  • Fretwork and Electronic Repairs
  • Bridge Removal and Reglue
  • Neck Resets, Brace & Crack Repair
  • Acoustic/Electric Pickup Installation
  • Tube Amp Repair
  • Banjo Head Installation
  • Verbal & Written Appraisals

Our Staff:

  • Steven Baer
  • Sam McDonough
  • Pamela Means
  • Stephanie Wayward
  • Christy Patrick
  • Ruth Brown
  • Jonathan Herbert (Honorary)
  • Eddie Downey  (Volunteer / Spiritual Advisor)